CANALE MILVA: the second sound exhibition of the column “Alla mattina appena alzata” (in the morning, freshly awoke) features the works of Niki Colombo + Lisa Lurati + Vera di Maus & morning sound sisters + Noemi Pfister + Sara Ravelli . Curated by Giada Olivotto & Camilla Paolino. A new co-production of Lumpen Station and the artist-run space one gee in fog. Duration of the show: 01h 16m 05s. Listen to it on CANALE MILVA, Lumpen Station!

Resident 1517, Cité International des Arts, Paris, January - July 2021 


Regattatata, open call for floating objects, co-curated with Gregory Hari, Paris

25th of April, APPLY!

CANALE MILVA third, fourth and fifth episodes will be released this year on Lumpen Station! 


FOTOROMANZA, comes together as a kaleidoscopic reflection, undertaken by the means of contemporary art practices, which tackles the Italian popular literary genre of the fotoromanzo (photonovel), bridging its multiple declinations and modalities of existence to present-day drifts of the verbal-visual narrative form. Setting forth to trace a transgenerational trajectory that unravels between the genre’s critical reappropriations from the 1970s-1980s and its echos resonating at present through contemporary subcultural media productions, the project features Milena Buckel & Corinne Périsset, Giulia Essyad, Valentine Franc, Dorota Gaweda & Eglė Kulbokaite, Nusser Glazova, Nicole Gravier, Jasmine Gregory, Gregory Hari, Andreas Hochuli, Lorenza Longhi, Sarah Margnetti, Alizé Rose-May Monod, Yoan Mudry, Giulio Scalisi, Caroline Schattling Villeval, Rita Siegfried, Ambra Viviani. The exhibition includes a library and reading room hosting a collection of historical photo novels and archive material, as well as the intervention of three independent publishing houses Dasein, Fuzao, and éditions Clinamen. FOTOROMANZA is a project by Giada Olivotto & Camilla Paolino, and one gee in fog.

This Summer at Le Commun, Geneva!

Plattform21, a collective exhibition at MASI, Lugano

This Summer!

Residence at Istituto Svizzero, Roma

September 21 - June 22

From Submersion to Subversion (e viceversa), a proposal by MAGICA OPALINI (Giada Olivotto & Camilla Paolino) for PALAZZINA, Basel

In September!


人魚, with Alessandro Polo and Lisa Lurati, Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano

12.12.2020 – 21.01.2021

Guardami negli occhi, a show dedicated to the medium of video art, Radiana Basso + Andrea Bordoli + Irene Fenara + Denise Fernandes + Vianney Fivel + Claire Fontaine + Miriam Gili + Gysin&Vanetti + Agnese Làposi + Lorenzo Morri + Alberto Venturini

conceived with Sonnenstube collective, Villa Florida, Lugano

16.10 – 21.11.2020

LUNA CALANTE with Guendalina Cerruti, Lucas Herzig, Viola Morini, Francesco Pacelli, Giuliana Rosso, Marco Strappato, Alessandro Vizzini and Paulo Wirz. La Fornace is co-curated with Edoardo Manzoni, online only

9 - 11.10.2020

IT'S MY PARTY : DEEP END, co-curated with Regaida Comensoli, CHLOÉ DELARUE + NINA HAAB + MATTIA PAJÉ + GINA PROENZA + FRANCESCO SNOTE + UNA SZEEMANN, at Bagni pompeiani di Arzo

26.09 – 25.10.2020

UNIVERSO 25: l'odore della convivenza, with Caroline Schattling Villeval and Enrico Boccioletti,

a project in collaboration with Camilla Paolino for Sonnenstube, Villa Florida, Lugano


CANALE MILVA : The first sound exhibition of the column “Alla mattina appena alzata” (in the morning, freshly awoke) features the works of Claire van Lubeek&Crowdpleaser + Rada Kozelj + Joo Young Hwang + Lula Broglio. Curated by Giada Olivotto & Camilla Paolino. A co-production of Lumpen Station and the artist-run space one gee in fog. Duration of the show: 01h 16m 05s. Listen to it on CANALE MILVA, Lumpen Station!


DEDICHE, with Stefania Carlotti, Lorenzo Lunghi, Mattia Angelini, Anna Allenbach and Ambra Viviani

conceived with Sonnenstube collective for Lumpen Station, Bienne


LUNA PIENA with Rafael Kouto, Paulo Wirz, Rada Kozeli, Giovanni Zulian, Luca Bosani, Aldo Lurgo and Jacopo Martinotti
co-curated with Edoardo Manzoni, La Fornace, online only

the project will be released under the next free full moon  

4 - 7.07.2020 

Habitat, curatorial assistent for Daniele Agostini, with the participation of  Brigham Baker, Mirko Baselgia, Vanessa Billy, Alan Bogana, Anne-Laure Franchette, Florian Graf, Lucas Herzig, Maja Hottarek, Sara Masuger, Flavio Paolucci, Gerda Steiner & Joerg Lenzlinger and Mia Sanchez, inside Morcote Village and Parco Scherrer 

04.07 - 04.10.2020

Une histoire d'amour, with Miriam Gili, Lucas Herzig,Garance Bonard, Lea Sarde, Camille Stora, Andrea Marioni, Romain Grateau e Thomas Liu Le Lann, co-curated with Camilla Paolino, one gee in fog, Geneva

​4 - 9.03.2020

LUNA CRESCENTE, with Matilde Sambo, Mati Jhurry, Lorenzo Bellini, Stefania Car- lotti, Francesco Snote, Cleo Farisellii, Francesco De Bernardi and Vera Trachsel, co-curated with Edoardo Manzoni, La Fornace, online only
2.02.2020 - 9-02-2020


EMO, with Sara Ravellli, Gabriel Stoeckli and Gianmaria Zanda, Schwobhaus, during Connected Space project,  Bern

8 - 11.01.2019

CRASH TEST, with Yoan Moudry and Oliviero Fiorenzi, co-curated with Gianmaria Zanda, Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano

20.12.2019 - 20.01.2020

LUNA NUOVA, with Mattia Angelini, Carlo Carnevale, Roberto Carovilla, Co- simo Casoni, Alice Fiorelli, Adi Haxhiaj, Andrea Kvas, Nicola Lorini and Marta Margnetti, co-curated with Edoardo Manzoni, La Fornace, online only

28.10 - 4.11.2019


Rapsodia Botanica a Beauty contest for the cultivation of greenery, an itinerary project by Elena Perugi, Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano
26 – 27.09.2019


BLIND DATE#6, with Riccardo Sala and Gustave Didelot, co-curated with Giacomo Galletti, Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano  

È UN MOMENTO DIFFICILE TESORO, with Lorenza Longhi, Brigham Baker, Tarik Hayward, Lucas Herzig, Gaia Vincensini and Juice & Rispetta, a show in a show curated with Sonnenstube collective, Nada -itinerary space of Sonnenstube- at the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, Protect me from what I want, curated by Giovanni Carmine

16.08 – 13.10.2019 

INSONNE - La Grande Esposizione di Scultura, with Nino Baumgartner, Andrea Bocca, Guendalina Cerruti, Maya Chamaa, Davide Dicorato, Ramon Feller, Mida Fiore, Die- go Gualandris, Jerlyn Heinzen, Maya Hottarek, Nicola Lorini, Kaspar Ludwig, Lorenzo Lunghi, Edoardo Manzoni, Viola Poli, Sara Ravelli, Han Sessions, Elisa Storelli, Gregory Sugnaux and Claire Van Lubeek, Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano

19.05 – 19.06.2019


CAPITOLO 4 (PRIMAVERA), with Dario Bitto, Gabriele Cremonesi, Oliviero Fiorenzi, Byron Gago, Virginia Garra, Viola Leddi, Giacomo Montanelli, Michela Pedranti and Gianmaria Zanda, co-curated with Edoardo Manzoni, La Fornace, online only

21.03 - 21-06.2019


BLIND DATE #5, with Ambra Viviani and Luca Veuillet, co-curated with Gabriel Stoeckli, Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano
07.04 – 04.05.2019


B-SIDE FEMINISM, a transcription marathon, an itinerary project conceived by Angela Marzullo and Camilla Paolino ( presented at Kunstmuseum Bern, one gee in fog and Sputnik, Geneva ) 

co-curated the 3rd leg at Sonnenatube offspace with a solo show by Laure Marville  

21 – 22.03.2019


BLIND DATE #4, with Alessando Di Pietro and Mathias Pfund, co-curated with Gabriel Stoeckli, Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano
26.01 – 22.02.2019


CAPITOLO 3 (INVERNO), with Federico Cantale, Lisa Dalfino, Sacha Kanah, Marco Em- manuele, Diego Miguel Mirabella, Raziel Perin, Sara Ravelli e Riccardo Sala, co-curated with Edoardo Manzoni, La Fornace, online only

21.12.2018 - 20.03.2019


FEDELI ALLA LINEA - Esposizione sul disegno contemporaneo, with Guillame Dénervaud, Sarah Haug, Diego Marcon, Marta Riniker Radich and Giulio Scalisi, Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano
06.10 – 03.11.2018


CAPITOLO 2 (AUTUNNO), wit Ludovica Anversa, Andrea Bocca, Edoardo Caimi, Davide Dicorato, Gabriel Stöckli, Diego Gualandris, Lorenzo Lunghi, Sandro Pianetti and Alessandro Polo,co-curated with Edoardo Manzoni, Residenza La Fornace, online only

FREAKTOMISTO, with Above The Three + Federico Chiari + Andrea Marioni + Minnie De Curtis (Ambra Viviani E Marco Guglielmetti) + Isamit Morales + Ernestyna Orlowska + Natascha Moschini & Marie Popall + Vera Trachsel & Maria Beglerbegovic & Lucie Kunz, Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano

BLIND DATE#2, with Cleo Fariselli and Mathieu Dafflon, co-curated with Gianmaria Zanda and Marta Margnetti, Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano

24.03 – 24.04.2018


CAPITOLO 1 (ESTATE), with Paolo Brambilla, Mida Fiore, Giacomo Forlani, Edoardo Manzoni, Stefano Meli and Agnese Smaldone, co-curated with Edoardo Manzoni, La Fornace, online only

A PLACE WITH NO NAME - An exhibition project devoted to contemporary painting, with Kevin Aeschbacher, Aubry&Broquard, Charlotte Herzig, Zara Idelson, Sarah Margnetti and Ivan Mitrovic, co-curated with Marta Margnetti, Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano

03.11 – 03.12.2017

EXI SHAPES, with Agosto Carmine, Byron Gago, Carlo Gambirasio, Edoardo Manzoni, Tomas Maria Postiglione Øvrelid and Flo Scirè, co-curated with Roberta Riccio (3/12), Spazio MOREL, Lugano   


FACCIAMO CH’ERAVAMO, with Guendalina Cerruti, Matteo Montagna and Davide Dicorato, co-curated with Gabriel Stoeckli,
Sonnenstube offspace, Lugano

28.03 – 25.04.2015